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AAC Third Place Events

AAC is also about being your “third place.” “First place” is your home and being with those you live with. “Second place” is your workplace. “Third place” is where community is built, where you relax, see familiar faces and make new acquaintances. 

For AAC’s Third Place events, we meet either at the WJCC, a pub, or someone’s home, and mainly focus on more playful Jewish learning, light conversation, and good food and drink. As with all AAC events, everyone is welcome! Bring a friend! 

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Poker and Parshah 

Each month on a Sunday evening from 7-9pm, we get together at the WJCC to play poker (mostly Texas Hold’em and all for fun), enjoy each other’s company, and pause during the play for some Torah study about the coming week’s Torah portion. At the end of the evening, we give our trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and First Out.

The cost of the event is $10, which covers refreshments and also contributes to Rabbi Pepperstone’s discretionary fund, which enables him to help people in need. We announce the date at the beginning of the month. 


Torah on Tap 

Each month, generally on a Thursday from 7-9pm, we meet at a local pub, bar or eatery, enjoy the local fare (we ask that in the spirit of Jewish dietary practice, we ask that everyone order dairy or vegetarian food), and engage in discussion about a topic of Jewish learning that is a little off the beaten path.


We have discussed Jewish sources on beer, gambling, the afterlife, and the real reasons behind Hanukkah. We have met at the River City Brewery, Wichita Brewing Company, and Pour House ICT. We announce the date and location at the beginning of the month.  



Each month, either on a Sunday or Thursday evening, we meet in someone’s home, relax in their living room or dining room, enjoy light refreshments, and engage in a topic that Rabbi Pepperstone and the host have developed together, based on the hosts’ interests.


This past year, we have looked at why Yom Kippur is one of the most joyful days on the Jewish calendar, a kabbalistic take on Abraham and Lot’s relationship, and looked how we construct memories by looking at an AAC Video from our 90th anniversary celebration and Jewish sources. We have almost all of our hosts lined up for the Winter and Spring of 2022. If you would like to host a Mifgash evening at your home, contact Rabbi Pepperstone!  

Game Day 

Each month, we meet on a Sunday afternoon for three hours to spend time together playing games - Board games, card games and any kind of games! We have a small game library for you to find something to play, or you can bring games to teach, share and play. We enjoy a few hours of game play, light refreshments and the company of others around the tables.  

Game day

Future Third Space Events 

If you have an idea for a Third Space event or a venue we should check out, contact Rabbi Pepperstone 

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