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AAC Services, Classes and Events During COVID

AAC Services and Classes and Zoom

As of May 1, we are no longer hold all services over Zoom. We only use Zoom for Friday evening services, (which still take place every other week) and for Sunday morning minyan.

Classes and meetings will still be either both in-person and on Zoom or just Zoom. All other events will be only in-person.

To learn more about Zoom, go to their website (, and download the free Zoom application, which will enable you to attend all Zoom functions. Once you have the application, installed, all you need is either to click on a provided Zoom link or enter the Zoom Meeting ID in the application. Zoom is likewise available to download on the Google Play store (for Android) and the App Store (for iOS) if you wish to use your mobile device or tablet. Making an account on Zoom is not necessary for participation.  Since Summer 2021, we have been having lunch in the Bachus-Solomon Social Hall after services.

To receive links to participate in Zoom services, please contact Hannah See or subscribe our weekly emails to receive regular updates and zoom links.

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AAC's COVID protocols are (as of December 2021)

  • Please, be kind. Coming back together has been both joyous and anxiety provoking. It is so important at in-person events to be kind and considerate to each other, and make everyone feel welcome.

  • Everyone is Welcome! We encourage everyone to join us in-person, and all who are not ready to attend an in-person service to join us over Zoom. As of now, people joining on Zoom will count in the minyan.

  • Vaccinations and Masks. We are requiring everyone to wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all services, whether you are fully vaccinated or not. We do have disposable masks available in the lobby of the WJCC in case someone needs one. People who are leading a service or speaking from the bima do have the option to remove their mask when leading. Rabbi and Cantor Pepperstone will be leading services without masks, and are regularly testing for COVID to ensure that this remains a safe practice.

  • Illness. As always, if you are feeling ill, please stay and home and consider joining us over Zoom.

  • Seating. People may sit where ever they feel comfortable, either together or socially distanced. We want to be sensitive to people with different levels of comfort in communal settings. If you want to sit next to someone who is sitting apart from others, be sure to ask first.

  • Revisions. We will re-visit this protocol on a regular basis.

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