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Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Lovingkindness is one of the core values that we strive to embody at AAC.


Every act of kindness matters.

If you or someone you know in the congregation is hospitalized, ill, feeling lonely or isolated, please contact either Laura King, Steve Zacker, or Rabbi Pepperstone.

They will work together to coordinate how we can best help out. (We will treat your information with discretion, and only share it with those who need it.)


At the same time, if you can make a phone call to someone, pay someone an in-person visit, offer someone a ride, run an errand, or make a meal for someone, let us know that you are willing and able to help out in those ways.


Congregations can be measured in many ways, some physical and some non-physical. What matters more is not a congregation that has large numbers, but that has a large caring heart.

Gemilut Chasadim / Acts of Lovingkindness

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